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WAYT Technologies is a thermoplastic injection molder in Oakland , California .  Our typical customer is looking for parts for either prototype applications, or production parts ranging from 10 parts to 5,000 parts per year.  WAYT has injection presses ranging from 75 to 500 tons.  We primarily use machined aluminum tooling, with steel inserts as needed.  We can provide parts in almost any filled or unfilled resin, including TPV/Rubber materials.  We also supply finished parts, including cast-in inserts, paint, gaskets and EMI Shielding.


One of our core strengths is finding and supporting opportunities for customers that require sustainable or biodegradable resin parts. As a part of this, we work with the technical staff at resin suppliers to find the best “green” solution for our customers.


Give us your application and we will help you determine if a thermoplastic solution is best for you..



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