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“We might need a hundred parts for now and a thousand a month starting next year.”


You don’t want to buy tooling twice, once for the prototypes, and another time for moderate production or a bridge to high production needs.  You would also like to avoid paying for more tooling than you really need right now, especially if the product might change significantly.  WAYT can design the tooling up-front to allow for the expansion of capacity of parts later on.  This means making the tool in such a way that the addition of cooling lines, automatic injection and use in a high production injection machine is possible when it is needed.  You have the best of all worlds, low initial tooling costs for the initial prototypes, and the ability to use the same tool and produce cost effective production parts with a minimal cost of upgrading the tool at the time it is needed.

Think modular, pay for what you want only when you need it.  


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